Starting A YouTube Channel Essentials

Starting A YouTube Channel Essentials

Thinking about starting a Youtube channel in 2023 but don't know what to get? Here are a couple of items that I use for my YouTube channel!!

1. Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

This is the perfect camera if you're looking to start your YouTube channel!! I have had this camera since day one of my YouTube journey and I can't recommend it enough. This camera also has an attached microphone so you don't need to purchase one separately. 

2. Camera Tripod

If you're planning to get the Sony camera, I highly recommend grabbing this tripod as well. This tripod can be moved in so many different ways and its also the perfect size to be able to carry around.


3. Extra Batteries

There have been so many times that my battery died mid way through filming a video and these extra batteries have saved my life!! I especially love how it comes with a charging doc for 3 batteries at a time!! GAME CHANGER!! 


4. Extra SD Cards

These SD Cards hold so much content and I love having a bunch on hand, especially when I am filming different videos at the same time!! I have never had my SD cards crash and lose content so I can't express how much I love these.


5. Microphone

If you're planning to do voice over videos or speaking photos, I highly recommend this microphone! They have 3 different colors, pink, white, and black! I of course have the pink one because pink is my fav color :) You do, with any microphone, have to buy a male to male stereo audio cable BUT with this one, you can plug it into your computer and it works just fine! If you have a MacBook, I also recommend that you get an adapter for USB for mac! 


For a couple more of my favorite YouTube items, visit the link here!

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