My Favorite Amazon Finds For Starting A Business

My Favorite Amazon Finds For Starting A Business

When starting a business, there can be a lot of confusion on what you may need to have in order to start. These are all of my favorite amazon finds for my business that I have purchased time and time again. Also, who doesn't love a good deal and an amazon find? This post is my opinion on what you may need to start a sticker/clothing business. 


1. Medium Sized Light Box For Photography

This light box has saved my butt time and time again. With Minnesota whether being unpredictable, it's nice to have a small compacted light box that I can use for product photography. I usually shoot my glassware, stickers, keychains, and even tees in the box. If you aren't ready for the big step in buying a big light box for product photos, this one is perfect for you!


2. Sticker/Keychain Organizers

When I say I LOVE these, I mean it. I have had them since day one of opening my shop. They keep my stickers and keychains so organized. It also fits about 100 stickers in a bin, depending on the size of the sticker of course. These organizers can also be hung on the wall, stacked on top of each other, or sitting on a shelf. You may notice them from my videos, pictures, or lives! I can't recommend them enough.


3. Wireless Rollo Thermal Printer

The Wireless Rollo Thermal Printer has so many different uses. It is an investment in your business but trust me when I say it will save you so much more money in the end. I love using my Rollo for not only printing packaging slips & shipping labels but also to print packaging stickers, barcodes, and organization labels. This isn't a want, its a NEED.


4. Tagging Gun For Clothing

I love using my tagging gun to be able to tag my apparel with my clothing cards. With this, I am able to make "checking out" easier at craft fairs while also being able to display the the barcodes on my apparel. I have never had my needle break on my tagging gun, but if it does, it comes with extra needles as well as a bunch of plastic tags!


5. T-shirt Ruler

When it comes to making my own apparel, this ruler comes in handy! Out of all the t-shirt rulers I have tried, this one is super sturdy and it has never melted or broken on me! I love using this because I am able to make sure that my design is centered and in the right position on all my apparel items.


These are just a couple of my top picks that I absolutely LOVE from Amazon! For more visit the link here.

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