How To Up Your Packaging

How To Up Your Packaging

Have you been seeing other small business owners with custom packaging and have always wondered where they get it from? Look no further because here is a list of where I get all my custom packaging!

1. Custom Tissue Paper

I absolutely love having my own custom tissue paper! I feel like it levels up my packaging game just a little more and adds to the experience of your customers receiving your products!

2. Custom Polymailers

I love having my own custom polymailers whether it is with my logo or with my own custom design! I feel like having your own logo or design on your polymailers helps with brand awareness while also upping your packaging game!! Plus, anyone that comes across the package might end up checking out your business or someone seeing it will right away know its from your store!

3. Custom Packaging Tape

Have you seen other businesses use custom packaging tape? Well, now you know where to get it :) I love having my own packaging tape and being able to design it however I want. I usually put my logo or name on the tape and its so easy to design! This tape is also water activated, so if you'd like the applicator for an easier process click here.










4. Thank You Cards & Business Cards

These can be custom however you want! I love designing mine on Procreate & Canva but there are so many other ways you can design them! I highly recommend having Thank You Cards as well as Business Cards because thats how customers are able to find you on other social media channels!

5. Packaging Stickers

If you end up not customizing your own polymailers, no worries. Add some custom packaging stickers to the outside such as your logo or a kind message!



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Thanks for the help. Been wondering how people are doing this!


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