Craft Fair Must Haves

Craft Fair Must Haves

Have you decided to start doing craft fairs but just don't know what to get and where to start? I have been doing craft fairs for over 3 years and let's just say, I've learned some things. From my tents blowing over, to my clothing racks falling apart. Here are some of my favorites things to have and to bring with me.

1. White Canopy Tents

These tents are my holy grail. I love these tents so much and I can't suggest them enough. They are super easier to set up once you understand how. They are super reliable and come with 4 walls as well as mesh windows and a door! 

2. White Metal Racks

I can't express this enough, INVEST in good quality metal racks. Whether you are doing an indoor show or out door, please do not skip out on these racks. Sadly, I got mine from a store closing in my town, but these ones have some amazing reviews on sturdiness on Amazon. 

3. Vinyl Banner

I really wish I would've invested in a good quality banner from the start. These banners are awesome quality for a great price. I just designed mine on canva and uploaded it to the website. Within a week or so the banner showed up at my house! I added the holes to mine to make it easier to hang up on my tents!

4. Shopify POS System

This device has made my life so much easier when it comes to customers purchasing items. Not only does it hook up to your Shopify store to keep inventory in check, but it also allows you to take card payments instead of cash! I honestly have the "older" version which they no longer sell, but I'll definitely be upgrading to the new one soon! They also have different hardware options but this one is the most affordable for someone who may just be starting out!

5. Ipad Stand

I love this Ipad stand. Its so nice to have being able to swivel it around so the customer can choose the different options at checkout as well as just having it on a stand for better viewing.

6. Sticker Holder

I will say this time and time again, one of THE BEST purchases I have ever made. Not only do I store my stickers & keychains in these drawers in my packaging room but I also use them to display my items at markets! They make purchasing and viewing your smaller items so much easier for the customers as well as keeping them from blowing away (if you're at an outdoor event).

7. Folding Tables

Some events do supply tables for you as well as chairs but I find it so much easier to bring your own! Even when a table is provided for free, I still end up using my own because I know that mine are super reliable. They are a bit spendy, but trust me when I say they are so worth it.

These are my must haves when it comes to craft fairs/markets. I will never leave for a market without them. Let me know down below in the comments what your favorite items are to bring or if this blog post helped you in choosing what to get to start your market journey.

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I did craft shows back in 2017 through 2020 and loved it. My store was store front, Facebook marketplace and flea market. I loved going places and meeting new small business. I totally agree with you on the needs above. The POS I never had. I used square which was good at the time for credit card payments. I watch you all the time. Your what inspired me to start getting my business up and going again! Would love to be beasties and pick each other brains one day. Your such an amazperspn and I am cheering you on in your business.


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